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Why Partner withACCG Retirement Services

ACCG Retirement Services – is owned by ACCG.  We organized in 2000 to:

  • Strengthen the type and quality of service ACCG's members and their employees expect for all of their retirement programs;
  •  Integrate the administration of all ACCG retirement programs; and
  • Expand the value of local, personal service given to all ACCG retirement programs by creating a new 457(b) deferred compensation program and a companion 401(a) defined contribution program.

While the ACCG Retirement Services name is still relatively new, we think of ourselves as a "new-old" organization because of the expertise we offer.  Our Team has an average experience of more than 20 years in the retirement and financial services industry.  Operationally, we’re a continuation and expansion of ACCG’s long-established retirement services program. 

Our unique position with Georgia's local governments evolves from the breadth of our services and our position as the leading provider of retirement plan services to the state's county governments.  By providing everything from plan design, administration and regular on-site visits by our retirement specialists to actuarial valuations and benefit payment distributions, we provide a single solution to a county’s retirement program needs.

ACCG Retirement Services serves over 75% of Georgia's counties with some level of retirement services.   Through our relationship with ACCG, we understand and appreciate how governments work and the vital role you perform for your communities.  We also know the value you place on your employees. 

ACCG Retirement Services was established to serve you and your people.  We're dedicated to county government and to helping your employees achieve their retirement goals.  Working together, we can help you.

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