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Manage Your Account Accessing your ACCG Retirement Services Account

Can ACCG Retirement Services participants check their accounts online?

All ACCG Retirement Services participants can access their account information by visiting and entering their account access information.

If you have logged in before, please enter your Login ID and Password. If you cannot recall your credentials, please select the Forgot login ID/ Forgot Password option.

If you have never logged in before you must register first.

  • Select the Access your account (Log in to your 401(a) and/or 457(b) account)
  • Select Register to access your account.
  • Follow the prompts – your SS# with dashes, DOB, email and home phone or cell phone # must match what we have in the system which was provided on your enrollment form.
  • Once the necessary data is entered you will receive a security code that will need to be entered to move forward with the registration process.
If you are unable to register or log in using your current log in credentials, please contact our Client Services Depart at 800-736-7166

Once you have entered the information, you will be able to: (Click for PDF Instructions)

  • View detailed account information and balances
  • Change or realign investment elections
  • Change or realign fund balances
  • Change password information

Do ACCG Retirement Services participants receive quarterly benefit statements?

Participants will receive a comprehensive benefit statement as soon as administratively possible after the close of each quarter. Statements are received electronically unless you have opted in for paper statements. The electronic statements are available on the participants account under the “Forms” tab and can be downloaded from the site. The statement shows the participants account balance, any contributions and earnings or losses credited to their account during the reporting period, and recent performance of each of the Plan’s account options. All participants are highly encouraged to notify ACCG Retirement Services of an address change to ensure they receive their statements.

To opt into paper statements (Click for PDF Instructions)

  1. go to the “My Profile” button at the top right of the page
  2. select “Delivery Preference”
  3. Click paper


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